"I have lost my mother and two sisters to cancer. I am a 20 year survivor and retired nurse. My remaining sister and other family members have faced the challenge of breast cancer as well. I refuse to be in a movement simply to be out front. I am fighting for my life and the lives of women in my community who need to be educated and motivated in order to teach others to take charge of their health.” We need the support of sisters to win this battle.”


"As a twelve year breast cancer survivor, and member of the SWOF my daily focus in life is to help others during their journey to healing and recovery. I have been blessed not only through my unwavering faith, but also through the love and kindness I’ve received from the Strong Women of faith Support Group. I will forever be grateful for the prayers, support, and leadership of this organization as we continue to be a help to the women in this community."


"I am still feeling the love of your beautiful group that I am honored to be a part of. I was able to witness the love and power of this support group. The support of beautiful women to help raise attention and help navigate and educate our community in the need to be our own advocates and to find resources to keep ourselves healthy is great."


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"Strong Women of Faith is very important to me. I love this group more than words can say. I have lost two sisters and my mother to cancer. Another sister and I are survivors. We have to be educated and empowered to take charge of our health. This group makes it possible to survive knowing that there is sisterhood and love to keep you strong."