Strong Women of Faith Breast Cancer Support Group was founded in October, 2001 in the city of Benton Harbor, Michigan by Bertha Carson-King and Dorothy Moon. It began as a grass roots, self help volunteer project to meet the needs of breast cancer survivors in the city since their was no other visible program. The group has grown significantly in the past eight years. We have lost members to death and seen other members testify of their longevity through faith, prayer & nutritional life changes.

Although, the group began solely for the purpose of breast cancer, we have grown to meet the needs of any type of disease and health care challenge because of the love and support women experience within the group. Over 200 church affiliations, beyond denomination, have been cultivated to benefit hurting women who seek friendship, knowledge and fellowship among believers. Although, African American women are targeted because they are most at-risk, SWOF welcomes Hispanic & Caucasian women to attend the meetings.

We believe that what one woman cannot do alone, in a community of women; unity, strength and successful healing can be accomplished. Women who have been diagnosed with cancer & other major diseases may find themselves overwhelmed, shocked, saddened, angry, frustrated & frightened. Studies have shown that cancer patients who participate in support groups have a better chance of surviving their illness.